Author: Hovhannes Verdyan

Emergency gas crisis mission 2 to Martuni and Khramort

Today in Martuni 📍Artsakh, we managed to help 64 more families.@hovhannes_verdyan from All for Armenia team distributing heaters and burners to the local families in slide 1.In collaboration with @marrguerita from @kooyrigs , we could help even more families. #strongertogetherGas is back almost everywhere in Artsakh tonight! 🙏🙏🙏The families will always need an electric alternative to expensive wood and unstable gas

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Solar panels for Artsakh families!

Thanks to the generosity of @entangledrootspress and 4 individual donors we managed to purchase 6 portable solar panels with their battery. 12 day without gas for the indigenous Armenian population living in remote villages. At AfA, we always try to incorporate sustainability in our actions. These solar panels & batteries, in combination with electric heaters and burners,

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