Our Story

We are a group of Armenian repatriates and diasporans committed to the wellbeing, stability, and future of the homeland. At the start of the 2020 Artsakh War, our repat co-founders decided to use their presence on the ground and harness their international network in order to provide front-line aid for the refugees of Artsakh and maximize our impact during this critical time for Armenians. The intimate bonds we created with locals and the experience we gained on the ground during this challenging period inspired us to expand our work beyond emergency aid into long-term projects that will secure the livelihood of our border communities in Syunik Province and Artsakh. 


Our work is guided by the values of humanitarianism, respect, transparency, compassion, and hope. Since the start of the 2020 Artsakh War, we have provided nutrition, warm clothing, and hygiene products for the refugee families of Artsakh. As of November 10, 2020, most of these families are refugees indefinitely. Our mission has evolved into a long-term, sustainable form of aid for not only these families, but their communities at large that extends beyond basic needs. At the moment, on top of our need-based humanitarian missions, we have also launched three long-term initiatives in the frontline communities which are now at the new borders of our nation:

  1. KorniTun: a community home in Kornidzor village (now 1 mile away from the new border) which will serve as both an after-school education center for village youth, as well as a place to stay for our Diasporan volunteers, partner organizations, and guest teachers to implement long-term projects at the frontline of our nation 
  2. Made in Syunik: an atelier in Goris providing jobs for women survivors of the 2020 Artsakh War who have been displaced in Syunik Province, one of the most vulnerable segments of the Armenian population 
  3. Tech centers in Goris and Tegh Village to provide free education in the form of an after-school program for both refugee and displaced youth in Syunik Province  


We aim to transform the valuable expertise we gained from providing aid on the ground during the 2020 Artsakh War into sustainable projects to serve the frontline communities of our nation. 


Through our Donation page, we collect the funds necessary for our need-based missions and long-term projects. 

The need for urgent humanitarian assistance didn’t stop on November 9, 2020. Displaced families, vulnerable communities, gas crises, and lack of basic food products are still the reality for the people of Syunik and Artsakh. Whenever such a crisis arises, we are ready to help with our need-based missions. Through our previous experience during the War, we have established direct contacts with people in these communities who help us maximize our assistance: providing us lists of families in need and the necessary materials. Our approach is never top-down, but always bottom-up: we first evaluate the needs on the ground, then identify a solution. 

Our long-term projects have been inspired by the same need-based philosophy: what do they need, and how can we help? This is how the KorniTun community home, an education center and place to stay for Diasporan volunteers at the frontlines; tech centers at the border, free education for our youth; and Made in Syunik, an atelier providing jobs for vulnerable women survivors of the War were created.