Solar panels for Artsakh families!

Thanks to the generosity of @entangledrootspress and 4 individual donors we managed to purchase 6 portable solar panels with their battery. 12 day without gas for the indigenous Armenian population living in remote villages. At AfA, we always try to incorporate sustainability in our actions.

These solar panels & batteries, in combination with electric heaters and burners, will enable these families to gain more energy autonomy. As a result, they won’t have to depend on a cruel dictator wishing to deprive them of basic needs by arbitrarily cutting them off from gas.

Just $60 can secure a portable solar panel system for an Artsakh family & $40 can secure a battery. These portable solar panels can charge the personal devices of the members of one family 📱💻🔋🔌. Thank you so much to all who support our endeavors!

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