Completion of Tegh Community Missions

At the end of April, our Operations Team Lead Hovhannes Verdyan completed our set of missions in Tegh community! He and our team visited Khoznavar and Vaghatur villages, right at the border, to deliver humanitarian aid to a total of 45 families. On top of this, we were able to support an extra 11 families from other villages. Now, we look forward to starting our missions in Tatev community for the next phase of aid.

These Tegh missions were quite difficult due to the poor conditions of the roads leading to the community’s villages. Sadly, these villages have virtually no sources of income aside from some families keeping animals, which is not very profitable or reliable now that the enemy has seized fields near the villages. Nevertheless, we are always in awe of these families who remain in their villages, withstanding harsh economic and security conditions. They, along with our brave soldiers, are the ones keeping our borders strong. We strive to do our part to support them, and we are grateful to all who continue to allow us to do this important work!