The Vision

A place where the Armenian Diaspora joins the local communities of Armenia and Artsakh to defend, preserve, and develop the homeland in a border village. This is how All for Armenia’s co-founders first imagined the concept of KorniTun. As a frontline grassroots organization which spent the wartime months supporting local and refugee families in Syunik region in Armenia and Artsakh, All for Armenia understood the urgency of using this experience gained on the ground to implement long term sustainable projects dedicated to preventing depopulation from key strategic areas such as Kornidzor. This village overlooks both the Berdzor/Lachin corridor and Artsakh mountains. On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan initiated a war of aggression against the Republic of Artsakh. After 44 days of war, a ceasefire was signed, forcing over 95,000 Armenians to leave their ancestral lands to find refuge in Armenia. Today, Armenia’s borders remain under threat. In order to increase the impact of the KorniTun project, All for Armenia decided to partner with organizations from the diaspora that share common values. First, they joined with the Armenian Youth Organization (AYO), which donated funds to acquire the house, a small abandoned building whose renovation will house the KorniTun project. Then came the partnership with MIASEEN, an organization whose ethos is rooted in a firm belief that diasporans and residents of Armenia can work together to achieve more for the homeland collectively. MIASEEN took the lead during the first phase of fundraising efforts for the renovation of KorniTun and will continue to be involved in the future to support the village transformation. Now, All for Armenia is taking the full lead of the second phase of the crowdfunding campaign dedicated to start the renovation.

The What

All for Armenia is building an essential community center in the village of Kornidzor, located at the gates of Artsakh overlooking the Berdzor Corridor in the Syunik Province. The purpose of this “KorniTun” (a contraction of “Kornidzor” and the Armenian word for house, “tun”) is to establish a place where the diaspora can connect with the border and its people, realizing the intensity of the everyday situation for communities at the doors of Artsakh. The KorniTun will function as an education and technology center on the first floor, with lodging on the second floor for volunteers. Education does not stop when the workshops adjourn, but continues with the relationship built between the youth and the volunteers.

The How

Kornidzor residents will be employed to complete the construction of KorniTun, which will not only strengthen the village economy, but also reinforce the unity behind this community home. Once KorniTun is complete, Kornidzor locals will also handle the day-to-day operations of KorniTun, creating valuable long-term jobs for the village. Equipped with computers and Internet access at the tech centers, local children and young adults will attend workshops held by Diasporan volunteers, learning skills that we take for granted – Excel, HTML, CSS programming, resume building, photography and videography, among others. This will equip them with the skills to provide for themselves and their families in the future, while also preserving access to a community hub to turn to in times of need.


The Future

Securing and investing in border villages means preventing depopulation. KorniTun will foster hope and opportunity in a region that is extremely underserved. Every centimeter of our homeland has infinite value, and we are collectively responsible for the sovereignty of our nation.



Born and raised in Syunik, Sevada quickly became the perfect fit for KorniTun. He carries the same ideology we do of uplifting and supporting border communities. He will employ locals from Kornidzor to complete the construction, which will not only strengthen the village economy, but also reinforce the unity behind this community home that the people of Kornidzor themselves will be building.


AYO is an association founded in France which engages in various projects related to education, sport, and art, all essential tools for the development of children. It also works to attract more volunteers, of all origins, and to make Armenia known to as many people as possible. AYO partnered with the Kornitun project by providing the funding for the purchase of the property, which was the initial step of this campaign.