The war is not over. It did not end at 44 days – it is a constant, looming reality that now threatens the borders of Armenia proper. In partnership, All for Armenia and Miaseen recognized the crucial need to support our border regions and strengthen them. Thus, the idea of KorniTun, a community center in Kornidzor, was born. A building was acquired, architectural plans for renovation were created – then shots were fired yet again, lives were lost yet again. The attacks on Syunik prove that it is in more need than ever of our commitment. We cannot leave the people of Kornidzor, the people of Syunik, to fight for us all. We are all responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of our nation.
KorniTun will function as an education and technology center on the first floor, with lodging on the second floor for volunteers. Local children and young adults will have access to workshops that equip them with the skills to provide for themselves and their families in the future.
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