We visited the villages of Goris, Hartashen, Karashen, Khndzoresk, and Tegh. We could not reach Kornidzor today, but sent aid to the village through people who were heading there. Thanks to your generous donations, we helped over 70 families.

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We went to Goris and nearby villages to deliver the aid we have gathered this week, thanks to your generous donations. For the soldiers, we delivered: – 40 sleeping bags – 20 power banks – 20 chargers, 20 cables, 20 car chargers – 50 socks – 30 hats – 10 pairs of warm pants For

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Today was a heavy day. The south of Armenia is under tension. Due to the situation, we were unable to make it to the villages of Kornidzor and Tegh, which we have visited for previous missions. Instead, we went to a different village near Goris. After meeting with the mayor, we learned that there are

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