Humanitarian Aid Mission

April 14, 2024

An update on our humanitarian aid mission of April 7! Our initial plan was to deliver aid to Khoznavar and Vaghatur villages. While our team members, led by Operations Lead Hovhannes were on the road, they received the unfortunate news that the enemy was targeting civilian cars as they were shooting in the border village days prior. Therefore, our team had to change course at the last minute and instead distribute aid in Kornidzor. Out of the 38 aid packages we had prepared (24 for big families and 14 for small), we distributed 37 to families in Kornidzor. We left one package in Kornidzor for one of the families from Vaghatur village to pick up the next day, per their request. The original beneficiary families in Khoznavar and Vaghatur have been assured that their distribution has not been canceled, but that it will be completed as soon as it is safe to do so. Thank you to our brave team members for their commitment to helping vulnerable families despite the danger on the ground, and thank you to all our generous donors who make this work possible! Please help us continue supporting those in border villages who need our help most!