Aiding the Sahakyan Family: A Longstanding Relationship 

January 14, 2024

At All For Armenia, we are preserving the spirit of giving that is a major part of the Christmas holiday period.

Razmela Sahakyan, mother of 6, proudly shows her electric heater to the camera. This heater was delivered to her in the village of Dahrav in the Martakert region of Artsakh during the winter of 2021, as Artsakh was undergoing a gas crisis due to its gas supply being blockade.

Recounting her experience during the September 2023 forced displaced from Artsakh to our cofounder, Razmela said, “Matt jan, everything happened so fast. They told us we had to leave the village immediately. The kids were already in the car, and just before leaving, I took the electric heater you delivered in 2021. I put it next to me in the front seat of the car. As we crossed the checkpoint at the Lachin corridor and entered Kornidzor, I was convinced this electric heater was protecting our family of 9, squeezed into our small Lada.”

#AFA team visited the family to deliver #humanitarian aid. Behind every installment of aid delivered by AFA, there is a story of survivors.

We have to help our people.

Let this story of resilience and the symbol of the electric heater illuminate and inspire your year in 2024 🌟.

Please continue supporting us, as your help will allow us to do more and more.

We will also keep applying refugees voices through our partnership with @rerooted.archive🗣️📜🎞️ preserving the stories and testimonies.

The Sahakyan family, forcibly displaced from Artsakh and consisting of 6 children , lives in an abandoned shop in the suburbs of Yerevan. We want to help them and families like them relocate in Armenian villages and gain their autonomy back. 2024, let’s build back communities together!