First Sponsor from France!

We are excited to announce that we just received our first sponsor from France!
Coincidentally, March 20th is International Francophonie Day. This year’s theme is “Femmes Francophones, Femmes Resilientes” (“Francophone Women, Resilient Women”).
Our new French-Armenian sponsor, Shoushan, will support an Artsakh refugee family from the lost territories, consisting of a mother, Armine, and her 9 children. What an amazing example of the resilience of Armenian women! We are proud that it’s being facilitated through All for Armenia.
As more and more attempts are made to isolate Armenian people, at All for Armenia, we are doing everything we can to build bridges between the diaspora and the homeland. We are only able to do this through our incredible network and audience. Thank you all so much for your support.
From the French-speaking members of our team,
” Merci beaucoup Shoushan jan,
Merci la France,
Merci la francophonie !”