As All for Armenia’s Sponsorship Program continues to grow, we are always exploring new ways for sponsors to make a continuous impact on families affected by the Artsakh War.
Two months ago, Julyeta applied to be a sponsor. Last month, she, along with her daughter Sofia, traveled from Los Angeles, California to Armenia  to do something truly above and beyond: She told our team that she would like to buy two homes for two refugee families who lost everything due to the recent war.
Since these families come from territories which were lost or ceded to Azerbaijan, they were forced to flee their homes and belongings, without an option to return. Julyeta specifically wanted their new homes to be located in strategic areas of Armenia, in order to help re-vitalize and strengthen the country’s villages.
Now, through Julyeta’s generosity and our program’s facilitation, the houses have been purchased, and both families will soon have homes again! Back now in the U.S., she told us that she will continue to buy houses for refugees through the help of our program.
Thank you, Julyeta and Sofia, for coming to Armenia during such a critical time, and for making a lasting difference on its future.
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