Introducing #LaptopsForRefugees

Since the start of the war on September 27th, All for Armenia has worked closely to address the needs of Armenian refugee populations from Artsakh. Many refugees have lost everything due to the war, including their homes, jobs, and belongings.
As we move into more sustainable solutions, we are excited to announce our #LaptopsForRefugees program! This program will allow you to donate new or used electronic devices, such as laptops and smartphones, which will go directly to Armenian refugees.
Our mission for this project is to provide refugees access to online education, IT training, and resources for applying to jobs in order to further their livelihoods and help them get their feet back on the ground. Though our program will prioritize Artsakh refugees, populations from Armenia affected by the war will also be eligible.
Electronic devices can be new or used, we only require that they are functioning and come with the proper charger. Since several of All for Armenia’s volunteers happen to work in the tech industry, we have formed a department for electronic quality check to approve all donated devices.
Want to contribute? To donate an operational electronic device, please contact us at [email protected]. Our representative from your city will then contact you to retrieve the device, perform a quality check, and send it to our on-site team in Armenia. This program is currently open to our audience living in Los Angeles, Paris, Geneva, and Yerevan (or traveling to any of these cities soon).