Transparency Post: How do we spend your donations?

In the U.S., with $499, you can buy a PS5 🎮 But in Armenia, with $100 less, you can secure food for one week and hygiene for two weeks for TEN families affected by the 2020 Artsakh War.
In slide 1, the receipt from our last purchase for a delivery mission shows just how much a little goes a long way. Each food and hygiene package that we deliver lasts at least one week for a family of four (contents of our food and hygiene packages are listed below).
In slide 2, Ararat carries the All for Armenia aid with our team member, Hovhannes. We met Ararat and his family during our last delivery mission. They are from the village of Avetaranots, which is part of the indigenous Armenian lands lost in the Artsakh War. In slide 3, Mher and his family are pictured with Matthieu and Hovhannes from our team. They are from Karvachar, which was also lost in the war and is now under Azerbaijani control. Both families are now staying in Yerevan, indefinitely displaced from their homes. We will be sharing more details about their stories, so stay tuned.
Want to contribute? Donate today! To make a long-lasting impact and provide continuous support to a family affected by the war, apply to become a sponsor. 🇦🇲
All for Armenia food package
Sunflower oil (1 L)
Chicken (1.5-2 kg)
Flour (2 kg)
Milk (2 L)
Butter (5 sticks)
Cheese (1 kg)
Sour cream (450g)
Tomato paste (720g)
Khaviar (vegetable sauce) (500g)
Vermicelli noodles (1 package)
Spaghetti (1 package)
Buckwheat (1 package)
Imam Bayildi (eggplant dish)
All for Armenia hygiene package
Dishwashing liquid
Laundry detergent
Hand soap
As always, a huge thank you to our supporters! You’ve made this all possible from the beginning and continue to do so with your generosity. We are forever grateful. ❤️