On the first day of 2021, we want to bring you all some joy through the story of our last Christmas mission of 2020. On December 30th, the All for Armenia team traveled to Goris, Tegh, and Kornidzor to meet with 112 children at the new borders of Armenia in Syunik Province.

We began the day in the village of Kornidzor, which is only one kilometer from the border, where 27 children were eagerly waiting for us. We then went to Tegh where we visited 30 children, and finally, Goris, to see 55 children. The children are from 2 to 10 years old. Most of them are refugees from Artsakh, while the rest have family members who are wounded or fell in the war.

Marine, from our team, started off each event in the villages. 18-year old musician, Erik, performed a spectacular concert for the children and their families. Erik has been playing the kamancha, a traditional Armenian instrument, for ten years. Marineh then demonstrated how to use the educational and coloring books that we gifted to the children, which were donated to us by Therapists for Armenia. Afterward, Marineh distributed the gifts one-by-one to the children, who each received games, school and art supplies, as well as fruits and chocolate.

Every single smile from the children was a collective victory. Through bringing such joy, we all remind ourselves of our collective strength. We will do everything in our power to continue helping the refugees of Artsakh and the families in Armenia who were impacted by the 2020 Artsakh War. The successful missions of this holiday season were made possible through your support and generosity. We are beyond grateful for everyone who has donated. Thank you so much, once again!